Performing a variety of music from the ‘30's & ‘40's through today, The Potter Family will bring back memories of the past and touch the hearts of old and young alike. If it's your first visit to The Potter Family Theatre, be prepared to laugh, cry, and sing along as their amazing voices and rich harmonies satisfy the music lover in everyone!  There is a reason why people can’t wait to see the next show-you’ll be captivated and will want to see them again and again as you share them with family and friends.  

Located in the heart of historic downtown Rapid City, The Potter Family brings a new twist to the local entertainment scene.  With their wide variety of iconic music, warm family humor and engaging shows, this group of five never fails to bring nostalgia while delivering amazing visual performances and vocals. Themed shows are presented throughout the year, with special holiday performances during the Christmas, Valentine’s and Fourth of July seasons.  Ask us about all our upcoming shows, and get your tickets early!

The Potter Family is MOVING! 

Our theatre at 632 1/2 St. Joseph in Rapid City

is now closed!  We will be announcing our

NEW LOCATION in Rapid City

in just a few short weeks-

STAY TUNED for this exciting news!


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